Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More ranting

It appears that Admin is getting some of the new forum problems fixed, that was to be expected.  The preview thread feature is nice if it was implemented in another way.  It still causes an annoying distraction when you run the mouse up and down the page and I like many others use the mouse to follow what we are reading (one of the reasons I don't like [autoit] tags) so it causes the images to pop on and off as well as a very slight difference in the style for the affected thread.

The one I object most to is the Share This "feature" (read as "crap").  None of the forums seem to be immune from that issue so that means in theory that even material in the private forums could be shared on very public Social networking sites.  I'm in favor of eliminating all those sites never mind sharing anything on them and yet some idiot can come along and share my posts with the world on a whim, yes even though some of the material was classed as private.  At this point the thought has even crossed my mind to just remove all my posts and pack it in for good.  For now I'm settling for perhaps reading a bit but not posting anything and that's the way it is going to stay as long as Share This remains.  I'm going to be too busy to participate for a while anyway and this just frees up a bit of time so in the end it will work out at my end.


Anonymous said...

They can't share it like you say, all that happens is there is a link to the page, so they should still get a 403. Share This doesn't appear in the messenger thankfully, that would be very stupid.

here's what you get sharing it on facebook:

I agree that I don't think it's really needed though.


Admin said...

That's correct Matt and I actually should have come back and posted that correction when it was finally sorted out.
It just a busy year for me and I don't get to post in here as often as I would like to.