Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Forum activity

You may have noticed that I have not been quite as active in the forums recently and that all boils down to the following.
Life has simply gotten way to busy again and yes I did that to myself.  I'm officially retired but since that happened I've opened what was to be a small company that would keep me busy for a few hours a week.  The idea being that I could take off whatever time I felt like taking off.  Telling customers "Sorry; I wont be doing any work for the next week or month."  It just didn't work out that way.  The small company now has 3 divisions and the only part of retirement that I have is no employees to manage.
Therefore I have found it necessary to curtail my forum activity a bit.  I usually just do a fast drive-by and perhaps answer a post or two.  The only reason I even get the time to do that is because the forums are set as one of my home pages so everytime I have to use the internet for any reason the forum page will open so I do a quick browse of some of them.  I usually just mark the rest off as read.
I will hopefully get back to my previous participation levels but it is going to take a while to get caught up with my current load.

Things are moving along very nicely now.

As you may have noticed the Dev group has really stepped up to the plate since they got restarted back in May.  There are some nice things happening that should be in the next Beta.  I know Jon wanted to have a new release out before this but there were some new developments that were causing issues and they want that all worked out before the next release.  The last time I looked it appeared that the small issues that remained were pretty much solved with just a couple of minor irritations left.
I still maintain that there should not be any new release version until there has been thorough testing done in the Beta stage.  When a release version comes out buggy then many employers will not allow thier employees to use AutoIt in the workplace and it has a negative impact on the reputation of AutoIt so please don't push for a release before the devs feel comfotable with it.