Monday, May 30, 2011

Back under development

After a (rather lengthy) hiatus the Dev group appears to be back on track with 3 new Beta versions in the last week. There have been a few bug fixes and some changes to DLL structures. Only one script I tested failed and as it turned out the problem was not with the Beta per se, The beta did however break one of someone elses UDFs that I was using. I think it's probably related to the way DLL Structs are now handled but I will let the person who wrote it figure that one out.
All I can say right now is it's nice to be rolling again even if it means the odd broken script.

If you run into any bugs using the Beta version; be sure to report them since that is the only way they can be fixed.


Dead_Gravity said...

Hmm. I thought you were an MVP? not a developer? or do MVP's have some super special privileges that we common autoit folk dont know about?

Admin said...

We have a private forum of which the Developers are also members and there is much discussed that is behind the scenes.
It just means that we can at times be more aware of what is happening and we don't make a lot of it public knowledge.
Besides that I have pretty much constant contact with the developers in private conversations but those associations have been built up over the years. Just looking at my membership number (52) will give you an idea of how long I've been associating with these people and before the forum rebuild that forced us to re-register I think my member number was 28 taking me back to the early days of AutoIt v2