Sunday, December 4, 2011

Online Help pages

For those of you who have been linking to my online help pages; Thank you very much.
Several months ago Valik asked for the code I used to create those pages.  I sent him a version that was slightly modified to bring it more in line with what he wanted to do.  The idea was to update the look of the official online docs page.
I have no idea if that project is still in the works or not; nor does it matter any longer.
With a new release version of AutoIt due out anytime now I felt it was an appropriate time to discontinue my online help instead of updating it again.  Today being one of the few days when I have the time available to work at a few things I decided to do it now as opposed to doing it somedays after the new release.  Anyone going to that site will now be redirected to the official docs page.  I'll be leaving that redirect in place for a few months so people have the opportunity to change their links.
Again, thanks to everyone for thier support over the last few years that the site has been active.

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