Monday, May 3, 2010

PCRE Toolkit Beta

The newest beta release of the toolkit is now available for download.  Currently only available as an installer file.  The source code is available by request only.

Available at

Extract the Setup.exe file from the Zip and install it.
Stay tuned, there are yet more features in progress and I will update the file as they are completed.

What's new? too many things to list but for openers, the button to make the selected library item the current expression is now gone.  Just double click the library item and it's taken care of.

Edit: Updated June 11, 2010 (mainly cosmetic)
Edit: Updated June 04, 2010
    Now with a new tab for running commands using @ComSpec and reading the StdIO stream so you can check things like Ping
Edit:  Updated   May 19, 2010
Edit:  Updated   May 10, 2010
Download was updated May 06 /2010

Now with the ability to insert standard RegEx elements into your expression from the Expression>> Insert menus.

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