Thursday, June 3, 2010

Notice to Fennek

You must be joking when you say that you are going to flood members of the AutoIt forums with spam.  That isn't even good for a laugh and I'm really getting sick and tired of idiots like you, with an IQ smaller than their shoe size, starting this kind of crap.

You're a 16 year old punk who seems to forget thet the people who taught you to write AutoIt code certainly didn't teach you everything they know or even anywhere near what they know.  That list is only a very small percentage of the total members of the forum.  Of those on the list there are several who have been writing code and hacking longer than you have been breathing, and do you think for a second , when you start flooding them with spam, that they won't retaliate?  It would take very few lines of code to write a script capable of messing up your site to the point of it being totally un-usable.  Script kiddies like you annoy us at the best of times so don't push your luck with this kind of nonsense.  On top of that I already have good mail protection but if I so desired I could let yours through long enough to not only get your ip but to get the address where we should report it and then that address gets flooded with abuse reports.  Do yourself a favor and pull it now before some fool actually follows up on what you started.  When that happens, it won't matter who actually sent the spam, it will be you that takes the fall for it.

You might not care about the reputaion that AutoIt gets from garbage coders like yourself but we do and we will put a stop to it.

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